Dira ProSuite Python Client

The Dira ProSuite Python Client is the Python API for the ProSuite Quality Verification Server. ProSuite is a suite of high-end productivity tools for data production, quality assurance, and cartographic refinement within ArcGIS

The ProSuite Python Client is a lightweight package that provides access to the ProSuite QA functionality through a pythonic API. Quality specifications containing QA tests for geodata can be fully defined in Python and executed on a ProSuite server which runs either locally or on a remote machine. Alternatively, an existing XML specification can be executed with just a few lines of code.

Find out more about ProSuite at Dira GeoSystems.

System Requirements

  • Python Version >= 3.7

  • A running ProSuite service, either on the local machine or on a remote server


The ProSuite Python Client API is installed by the standard Python Package Manager. Make sure to run Pip from the Python distribution/environment where you need ProSuite to be installed.

pip install prosuite

To get started, proceed to the Samples page.

API Reference